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College Credit Plus

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Complete each step below if you are interested in pursuing College Credit Plus for the 2022-2023 school year (even if you are currently already participating in the CCP program):

STEP ONE: View the State CCP meeting for 2022-2023 Academic Year

STEP TWO: View the Covington Specific CCP meeting for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

STEP THREE: Complete this Proof of Counseling Google Form indicating that you have appropriately received the counseling on the College Credit Plus program. (Record of your completion must be on file at the school in order for the student to participate.)

STEP FOUR: If interested in participating in the CCP program through Edison State Community College, explore the Edison Resources folder with information provided by them to our school.  If interested in participating in the CCP program through a different college, consult that college’s website and CCP staff.

STEP FIVE: Review all of the related documents provided, which are provided to guide you through the process smoothly:

Intent to Participate Form **DUE APRIL 1ST**
ODE Slide presentation 
Covington specific slide presentation
Transcript Request Form
Steps After Testing
Guidelines for Choosing CCP Courses
CCP High School Course Substitution Crosswalk
Comparable Courses (for CHS/Edison)
Transfer Module
CCP Probation and Dismissal
CCP Classes Offered at Covington High School

STEP SIX: Hand in the completed Intent to Participate Form to your high school by April 1!  See the guidance in the Covington-specific meeting on how to do that.  NOTE:  It is important to understand that April 1 is the very last date to turn this in.  YOU SHOULD NOT WAIT UNTIL APRIL 1 TO BEGIN THE PROCESS FOR PARTICIPATING IN THE COLLEGE CREDIT PLUS PROGRAM FOR NEXT YEAR. Completing all of the steps can take weeks--sometimes months--and you need help from the college staff and your high school counselor to complete them, so it is best to plan ahead.